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Welcome to Zhangjiakou

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Dajing Gate

Dajing Gate was built in the first year of the reign of Emperor Shunzhi in Qing Dynasty (1644 AD), known as the "No. 1 Gate of the Great Wall", and has become landmark structure in Zhangjiakou. Around the Gate are "clear rivers and green hills", and it "holds a strategic pass of the Great Wall and guards the pass". With 360 years of history, it is still majestic, though it has experienced many vicissitudes, and it has been a major historic and cultural site under provincial protection.

Wanlong Ski Resort

Wanlong Ski Resort is 2110.3 meters in maximum height above the sea level and has the perpendicular throw of 550 meters; it is 249, 50 and 10 km away from BeijingCity, ZhangjiakouCity and ChongliCounty respectively. It is the first open ski resort in China and the first national AAAAA-level scenic area that features skiing. The ski resort has 22 ski runs, 5 cables, and 1 magic carpet, and owns a comprehensive hall, Finland huts, the three-star Shuanglong Hotel, and other perfect reception and service facilities; it is a 4-season tourist holiday resort that focuses on skiing tourism and that is supplemented by forest tourism and mountain sightseeing and leisure.

Dolomiti Ski Resort

Dolomiti Ski Resort is located in Xiqueliang in Sitaizui Township of Chongli County, 18 km away from the county seat; it was constructed through joint investment by Italy Dolomiti Superski Group and the ski equipment manufacturer Leitner, with total investment of 100 million euros. Currently, 8 ski runs with total length of 8660 meters have been built, plus one high-speed cableway in 1380 meters long for 6-person weather-proof chairlifts, and one magic carpet in 200 meters long; the Resort has a comprehensive service building of 2050 square meters, being an ideal place for your skiing leisure.

Great Wall Ridge Ski Resort

With beautiful scenery, Great Wall Ridge Altitude Training Base is a national AAA-level scenic area, a best place for nationwide body-building activities that integrates summer training, winter skiing, outdoor sports, leisure and spending of the summer holidays. The newly completed comprehensive training hall, athletic field and athlete apartments will make Great Wall Ridge become the first modern altitude sports training base and sports fitness base in HebeiProvince.

Ancient Xuanhua City

The AncientXuanhuaCity tourist area is the one with long history and profound culture, having been in existence for 1260 years. The City was a "military city” and the “ImperialCity", and is now a famous historical and cultural city of HebeiProvince, praised as China’s pearl beyond the Great Wall. Currently, there are seven major scenic spots within the area, including a total of 20 tourist attractions, such as theGreatLiaoCulturalCity - the underground art galleries in Liao Dynasty, the Historical and Cultural Street of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the CityWallRelicsPark, the religious culture, China Ancient Vineyards, the Niangou Ecological Scenic Area, and so on.