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Chicheng Hot Spring Resort

2015-05-28 10:29:00 PV:4109

Wanlong Ski Resort is 2110.3 meters in maximum height above the sea level and has the perpendicular throw of 550 meters; it is 249, 50 and 10 km away from Beijing City, Zhangjiakou City and Chongli County respectively. It is the first open ski resort in China and the first national AAAAA-level scenic area that features skiing. The ski resort has 22 ski runs, 5 cables, and 1 magic carpet, and owns a comprehensive hall, Finland huts, the three-star Shuanglong Hotel, and other perfect reception and service facilities; it is a 4-season tourist holiday resort that focuses on skiing tourism and that is supplemented by forest tourism and mountain sightseeing and leisure.

AAA-level scenic area.
Address: Honghualiang Racecourse in Huangtuzui Village, Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City.