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Tour of viewing the Zhangbei grassland, visiting the Ancient City of Zhangxuan, and understanding the Sanzu culture

2015-05-28 10:33:00 PV:6160

Start from Beijing and go to the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Expressway, and then to the Zhangjiakou-Shijiazhuang Expressway, turn to the road of the scenic area from the north exit in Zhangbei, and then reach the destination, with the distance of 360 kilometers. In particular, the Bashang grassland in Zhangbei is China’s only grassland which an expressway can reach.

Main tourist attractions: Zhangbei Zhongdu Virgin Grassland Resort, Huatian Pasture, Dajing Gate, the Ancient City of Xuanhua, China Sanzu Hall, and Tally Verification Altar.