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2015-05-28 10:36:00 PV:6229

Sanzu means Huangdi, Yandi and Chi You; the Sanzu culture refers to the splendid culture that was created jointly by Huangdi, Yandi and Chi You in the area of Zhuolu about 5,000 years ago.  

Zhuolu in Zhangjiakou City of Hebei Province is a famous place with ancient civilization in the Chinese history; it was endowed with charms and beauty, becoming the source and root of Cathay. The Chinese Sanzu culture in Zhuolu is the ideas and ideology of promoting social development and progress that were created and handed down jointly by the Chinese ancestors who were represented by Huangdi, Yandi and Chi You after tally verification in Fushan through long exploration, collision, running-in, and deepening and that took the recognized totem of the Chinese nation - the dragon as the symbol and took the national fusion, grand unity, and grand solidarity as the “origin”.  

In 1992, the historian Mr. Ren Changhua first proposed the "Sanzu culture" by textual research into a number of ancient cultural sites and unearthed relics and historical literature and folk customs in Huangdi City, Banquan, Chi You Spring etc. in the Fanshan area in Zhuolu, and wrote the book Talks on Beginning of the Sanzu Culture. He first included Chi You in the earliest ancestors of the Chinese nation in addition to Huangdi and Yandi, upsetting the traditional argument of winners acting as nobles and losers as bandits. This established the point of view that the Chinese nation has the same ancestors and made it clear that the culture of the earliest ancestors is the essence of patriotism and the cornerstone of the national unity.
The "Sanzu culture" has features of (i) carrying on the past heritage and opening up the future, (ii) pioneering, and (iii) laying a foundation for the Chinese culture; many basic points of the Chinese culture can be traced to the "Sanzu culture".

The "tally verification culture" established the Chinese nation. The "Sanzu culture" and the "tally verification culture" are harmonious, unified and creative culture; their concept of pluralistic integration, of harmony and unity, of common prosperity, and of being centered on "peace" was derived from the same origin with the "harmonious culture" as advocated in China in the contemporary times. They guide development of the Chinese civilization and are (i) the root of the Chinese nation, (ii) the cornerstone of always keeping the Chinese nation standing erect in the world, (iii) the soul of China’s civilization of five thousand years, and (iv) the spiritual pillar of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. With the spread of the "Sanzu culture" and "tally verification culture", they are sure to evoke an echo among all nations in the world and to make positive effect on the world’s great harmony.