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The charm of Zhangjiakou

2017-02-21 09:36:02 PV:2521

Here is an ancient city full of oriental charms. It’s the host place of 2022 Winter Olympic Games. And it’s a tourist resort where you can admire beautiful flowers in the spring, enjoy summer holidays, view beautiful sceneries in autumn and go skiing during winter. Its name is Zhang Jiakou City. Are you looking for a new international city to travel? Come here in Zhang Jiakou. You can experience its five unique charms from its beautiful rivers and mountains. Appeal 1   Zhang Jiakou is a city with profound cultural background and a long history.   It’s one of the birthplaces of human civilization . Two million years ago, ancient ancestors lived and procreated in the Nihewan Basin of Yangyuan County. The Yangyuan Nihewan site is rare all over the world in scale and completeness, therefore has been honored as a Natural Museum. It’s also the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Five thousand years ago, the earliest ancestors of Chinese nation’s Yan Emperor,Yellow Emperor and Chi You made peace with each other after years of battles within the territory of Zhuolu County,and established the first capital city in Chinese history-City of Yellow Emperor. Herefrom the blending and unification of the Chinese nation,was first realized for the first time and the history of Chinese civilization began. Moreover there is a city named Xuanhua which is one of the nine key defense areas along the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty and is a most important county to

the west of Beijing. There are also Dajingmen Pass which is a famous impregnable pass in the Great Wall and Jiming Post , the best protected ancient post. So here in Zhang Jiakou, you can see the birthplace of human civilization, the birthplace of Chinese civilization and the root of Chinese Nation. Come and experience these unique features of Zhang Jiakou.