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Errentai of Kangbao County

2015-05-28 10:37:00 PV:6293

Errentai of Kangbao County is similar to the song-and-dance duet of northeast China. Some famous Chinese songs like “Go West” and “My Brother Tends Sheep” is originated from Errentai. Kangbao County at present is taking multiple measures and approaches to protect and develop Errentai, making it gradually come to public attention from countryside.

In 2006, Errentai entered into the first list of state-level intangible cultural heritages, giving new opportunities for this old art. The following comprehensive survey of Errentai by Kangbao county cleared a number of basic Errentai facts like its historical evolution, performance groups of every generation, music instruments, compositions, actors etc., which form the basis of a later data library. Existing songs and tunes of Errentai are also brought into focused protection. 10 drama teams of Errentai and a training class has been established to culture successors.    

Kangbao County has been engaged in introduction and popularization of Errentai to make it accepted by the art market. For the moment, Kangbao County is fostering an artist brand--“Four Boys” and “Four Girls” group composed by famous Errentai actors As for classic and original songs with good artistic value and preservation value, Hebei Audiovisual Press has made audiovisual products for the public. What’s the next, Kangbao county will complete certain new Errentai plays, and will hold an Errentai festival and seminar from July to August this year.