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Food Grains

2015-05-28 10:39:00 PV:4139

Food grains are opposite to rice and wheat. They have a short period of duration, small planting area, and they are often grown in the unusual placed with unique methods of planting. Food grains produced in this way are diverse and have many usages which are small in appearance, sparse in planting, special in features and various in types.  

Food grains from Zhangjiakou include: Sorghum, corn, buckwheat (sweet or bitter), oat(hulles oat), barley, millet (brown corn millet), pearl barley, amaranth, bean (kidney bean), green bean, red bean, broad bean, peas, cow pea, lenticchia, black bean, etc. It can be said that food grains are cereals coarse than rice, wheat, corns, beans and potatoes.  

There are many counties that produce such food grains, such as Wei county, Wanquan county, Yangyuan county, Zhuolu county, Kangbao county, Shangyi county, etc.