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Braised Sea Cucumber with Hulles Oat

2015-05-28 10:38:00 PV:4234

Braised sea cucumber with hulles oat is a representative of Zhangheng dishes which is featured by its wide selection in raw materials and its emphasis on tastes. There are various types of tastes with the two pureness and two tastiness as the main types. Great attention is paid on to the color and design of the utensils, and the color, flavor, tastes, and appearance of the dishes, making them red as shining ruby or as white as the jade. The tastes of Zhangheng dishes are pure and there are many kinds such as mixed flavor, salty taste, sweety taste and the hot and sour taste. Zhangheng dishes have the unique flavor by combining with the spiciness of Sichuan cuisine and the lightly seasoned food of Shandong cuisine which is fresh, crisp and tender. Its taste includes many types. They may be of reasonable spiciness, mild saltiness which is sweety, heavy flavor which is not only sour, salty but also fragrant and spicy. Zhangheng dishes boast for the exquisite cooking. Deep-frying, stirring, quick-frying, sauting, boiling, steaming, braising, and brewing are the usual technics, with roasting, instant boiling, stir-frying, wire-drawing, oil-boiling, etc as the unique cooking.